In a nutshell, the LBM Strategies Conference is all about you. Direct input from LBM Journal readers built the foundation for the LBM Strategies Conference. We tracked and compiled the tough business challenges that readers report struggling with, then sought out the most qualified people we could find to address those issues. In many cases, the most qualified people turned out to be LBM dealers whose companies successfully created and implemented strategies to tackle those tough issues. The balance of the speakers and panelists are industry pros with invaluable insights into how to solve these challenges.

Our goal is to create a forum for owners, executives, managers and sales pros from LBM dealers across the U.S. to meet, share, and learn from each other—while hearing from some of our industry’s leading voices. After all, nobody has all the answers, but everybody has a few. If we’ve learned one thing from the past quarter century of serving this industry, it’s that powerful and positive things happen when LBM dealers get together with the goal of improving their companies.