2016 Speakers

2017 Details Coming Soon!

See below for information on last year’s speakers.

Bradley Hartmann

Author, “Behind Your Back,” and President | Red Angle, Inc.

Manny Pina

President | National Lumber Company

Cally Fromme

Vice President, Business Development | Zarsky Lumber/Kodiak Building Partners

Jon Vaughan

Vice President | Brand Vaughan Lumber Company

Jessica Scerri

CEO | Golden State Lumber

Joel Fleischman

President/Solution Provider | Drexel Building Supply

Wendy Whiteash

Senior Vice President of Culture | US LBM

Jim Pancero

Sales & Sales Management Keynotes and Training | Jim Pancero Inc.
Kimberley Simonson

Kimberly Simonson

Executive Vice President | Simonson Lumber and Simonson Design Studios

Caitlin Stoll

Happy People Department Leader | Drexel Building Supply

Scott Simpson

President & CEO | BlueTarp Financial

Adam Reeder

Managing Director | Rothschild

Scott Sedam

President | TrueNorth Development

Ted Rieple

Managing Partner and Founder | 1stWEST Mergers & Acquisitions

Jason Fraler

Co-Founder and Managing Partner | Anchor Peabody

Christy Sadler

Co-Founder and Managing Partner | Anchor Peabody

Tony Misura

President/Owner | Misura Group LLC

Ted Galbraith

VP | Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber Company

Mike Dykstra

President & CEO | Zeeland Lumber
Carl Detering, JR.

Carl Detering, Jr.

President | The Detering Company

Jeff McLendon

President and COO | U.S. Lumber